Meet The Pod's Cast!

Landon Harvey

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Landon Harvey is a comedian, ventriloquist, writer, performer, and puppet builder. Teamed with his comedic wit, and off the wall characters, Landon brings a fresh take to ventriloquism in podcast form!

Jackie Jackalope

He's "FROM WYOMING" and has an imaginary friend called "Kip"! Jackie is one of the World's few existing Jackalopes and things are sure to get out of hand when he and Landon hit the stage or screen!

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Bill (The Zombie)

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He's from six feet under and is one mopey guy. Bill (The Zombie) is the fan favorite and underdog of Landon's cast. Paired with his sidekick, Maggie The Maggot, Bill (The Zombie) is sure to share what's on his mind...or in it! He's one lovable character, just don't get too close to him!



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